two-toned thread and typewriter tags!

15 Aug

Made two new books for Sundog yesterday. While sewing one, I switched thread halfway through for a two-toned look. Sarah Bryant would kill me. (Our book arts professor in Italy. I turned in a two-tone threaded pamphlet one time and got a lengthy critique about craft vs. art.)

I’ve always handwritten the tags that are sewn into the back of the book, but yesterday, I got the bright idea to use the typewriter. Duh! The new tags are oh-so-precious, and since the paper is thick and torn, it gets off track and makes for a very handmade…crookedly typed feel. I love ’em!

It’s been a rainy (wonderful!) morning, and I’ve been drinkng coffee, planning for my journalism staff and then just now, I made myself a little sketchbook out of scrap paper and leather. I never make myself anything, so I’m quite thrilled!

Looks like a lot of book making weather to come!

I thought I lived in the sunshine state?


P.S. Don’t you just love the alliterative title?



10 Aug

Quick update!


Mel of To Boldly Fold, Casey and I had a wonderful week of eating, coffee drinking, book binding and swimming in the amazingly clear blue waters of the gulf.

Being that we are all three book binders and lovers of all things paper, we spent most of our time together imagining the binderies and fine paper stores of our future, and it was a blast.

Alas, once both departed (all the way back to Boulder and Boston), I realized I had ONE book left at Sundog!

Back to the work bench (er, kitchen counter).

So, I’m busy busy!

It helps that a lovely family friend gave me a wonderful collection of vintage buttons.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve poured them out onto the table and looked them over.

I love every single one of them!

Back to work!

P.S. All the love in the world to Mel and Mark!

Congratulations on your engagement!

A few photographs.

29 Jul

Hi there!

I’ve just returned home from a short road trip to Athens, Georgia (during which I bought the most beautiful paper in the entire world- photos soon). Now that I’m all loaded up on beautiful paper-

Mel Chao of To Boldly Fold arrives tomorrow from Boston, and Casey Berry arrives soon after from Boulder!

Is there anything better than a house full of friends? Let the book makin’ begin!

I wanted to share a few photographs of books I’ve been making recently. I spent a few days down at the beach with my dear Auntie Constance. I decided I’d snap a few pictures in the backyard. Grayton Beach has the most amazing trees in the world, and what better backdrop than a rare coastal dune lake?


Cross-country Business (Ad)venture.

11 Jul

For those of you that haven’t totally dug in to this website, and aren’t aware- Casey and I live way far apart. All sorts of emailing, video chatting, phone calling and letter writing keep this thing alive. Thought I’d take this moment to share some images, words and big dreams that we share…no matter the distance.

Email from when Casey decided to stay in Colorado:

Finally, I think I’m due another year in Boulder. I’m settling and loving it and glad i’m here for  12 more months.
But, I think next on my agenda is book binding. And I think we need to be at least neighbors for this to happen. Agreed? So August of 2011 (weird year), I’m moving there, or we’re moving to Charleston or Asheville or some never-heard-of-it-town and we’ll drink lots and lots of coffee (so much so, we should probably look into growing our own beans) and make lots and lots of books and begin the Little Spoon adventure. For realz.

To Casey, from her friend Doug, forwarded to me, for obvious reasons:

but then, this morning as i wondered what i’d email you about…..i checked your tumblr and found the link…that was placed at the end almost as a post script….and realized you’ve been holding out on me.  you do have news…you do have adventures under way…and you’ve neglected to let your carolinian friends know.

everyone thinks they come up with the cutest names for their stuff.  i’m sure you know lots of folks who have devised cute names for things they’ll never actually do.  businesses they’ll never have the guts to open, books they’ll never write, kids they’ll never have.  i’m sure you also know that 90% of those names are terrible.  but…..”little spoon”?  little spoon is awesome.
i’m critical by nature…..and i love this name.  it has history, it’s personal, it’s easy to say…….it’s very well done.
and, am i correct when i assume that this business venture is a huge step?  refer back to those people who never have the guts to step out and do what they’ve always wanted.  this makes you….NOT one of those people.  i find this very interesting.  i could be impressed.  of course, i would not let on if i were….i’m just saying…something like this could be impressive under the right circumstances.

From Bobbi:
The email from Doug was among the most wondrous and awe-inspiring things I’ve read in some time. I thank you tremendously for sending it, and am left with even more confidence in our business endeavor than ever before.
Books, books books.
I’m spending the last full week of class teaching my students to make books with cereal boxes or cardstock (their choice) for covers. they are super stoked! i’m spending one day teaching the history of the book. and then i’ve created a slide show of italy pictures because they are all so very curious about the entire experience, so as we’re binding, i’m projecting a slide show!

Here’s hoping this post was as mushy and sentimental as possible.
Happy Sunday, dearest friends.
P.S. Love ya, Doug!


26 Jun

Exciting news!

Sundog Books in Seaside, Florida now sells Little Spoon books!

If I had to name 5 favorite places on earth, Sundog would be one of them. Vacationers and locals alike fill every corner of this warm place, reading, chatting and catching up. From the balcony upstairs, the Gulf of Mexico stretches as far as the eye can see in three directions. It is exactly what a book store should be. Cozy, cluttered and charming. Books everywhere. People everywhere. At least one dog, but often times more. Oh, and coffee (but not just any coffee, my friends, Jittery Joe’s Coffee, roasted in my dear Athens, Georgia.)

The lovely people of Sundog Books and Central Square Records love us

almost as much as we love them! Believe us, we couldn’t be more proud!

middle photo courtesy of

Lazy Studio

24 Jun

Remember my photographer friend (with the Africa journal)?

He was visiting my little house last week, and took this lovely photograph of

my little studio complete with cat-in-chair.

I couldn’t wait to share it!


I’ll leave you with that. I’ve got work to do!

We’re super busy with something very, very exciting!

We’ve been blogged!

19 Jun

We have the loveliest best friend (she also doubles as our hero)

named Mel Chao, of To Boldly Fold.

She posted this ridiculously sweet blog today.

Check it out.

While you’re there, browse her amazing goods and become a fan on facebook!

Hello, summertime!

18 Jun

I’ve been making little cards.

Some of them say “hello summertime.”

Some are plain, like this one.

Some are cut-out, some are pop-up…

but all are perfectly summer.


    My dear friend and photographer Justin Hodges just traveled to Ghana

    to photograph the construction of a glass blowing studio.

    I made him a little journal, and can’t wait until it’s all filled up!

    It’s been a rainy morning, so far, and someone

    can’t seem to get out of my little work chair…

    I’m putting on a pot of coffee, and hoping he stirs from his little cat dreams soon

    so that I might make something, anything.

    wish me luck.

    happy weekend!


    Army of Young Binders

    10 Jun

    For a final project, I taught my 11th grade American literature students the ol’ long stitch.

    We had too, too much fun.

    We made a week of it.

    We did it cheap.

    We used copy paper, white or yellow or both, for the text block.

    We used card stock for the cover.

    Favorite quote: Miss Pinkston, thank you so much for doing this with us…. you know, most teachers are really weird…but, you’re like…cooool…weird.

    All I know is, now we’ve got an army of young binders to work in our shop.

    Let the summer begin!

    29 Mar

    And so the planning begins.

    The Great Little Spoon Bindery Migration of 2010.

    The Great Little Spoon Bindery Migration of 2009 began in South Carolina;

    it ended in Boulder, CO.

    This year, we’re putting our toes in the Pacific, and dang it,

    we’re going to see those big trees!

    Stay tuned as the planning continues (it will likely exceed your wildest dreams!)

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