Quotes + Books = Perfect Match

1 Nov

I love quotes.

Ok, not in a silly “Be the change…” (well, that one’s not bad…) sort of way, but I love to read, and I underline and write in the margins and I have a million slips of paper, word documents and brain cells that exist just to store strings of words that have in some way… changed me.

I decided this weekend I’d include some quotes in a few books and see how I like ’em.

Aren’t they precious?

Later, I was sewing old (beloved!) anchor buttons onto a sweet little leather journal when I thought, a sea journal needs a sea quote. Thus,

Something about typewriter tags, I tell ya.

So much more lovable.

Can you believe tomorrow is the first of November?

I can’t.

We’ll be surrounded by turkey and mistletoe before we know it!

Can’t wait!

What’s more, the great month of November gave you Casey and moi!

Thanks, November. We love you, too.



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