two-toned thread and typewriter tags!

15 Aug

Made two new books for Sundog yesterday. While sewing one, I switched thread halfway through for a two-toned look. Sarah Bryant would kill me. (Our book arts professor in Italy. I turned in a two-tone threaded pamphlet one time and got a lengthy critique about craft vs. art.)

I’ve always handwritten the tags that are sewn into the back of the book, but yesterday, I got the bright idea to use the typewriter. Duh! The new tags are oh-so-precious, and since the paper is thick and torn, it gets off track and makes for a very handmade…crookedly typed feel. I love ’em!

It’s been a rainy (wonderful!) morning, and I’ve been drinkng coffee, planning for my journalism staff and then just now, I made myself a little sketchbook out of scrap paper and leather. I never make myself anything, so I’m quite thrilled!

Looks like a lot of book making weather to come!

I thought I lived in the sunshine state?


P.S. Don’t you just love the alliterative title?


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