Cross-country Business (Ad)venture.

11 Jul

For those of you that haven’t totally dug in to this website, and aren’t aware- Casey and I live way far apart. All sorts of emailing, video chatting, phone calling and letter writing keep this thing alive. Thought I’d take this moment to share some images, words and big dreams that we share…no matter the distance.

Email from when Casey decided to stay in Colorado:

Finally, I think I’m due another year in Boulder. I’m settling and loving it and glad i’m here for  12 more months.
But, I think next on my agenda is book binding. And I think we need to be at least neighbors for this to happen. Agreed? So August of 2011 (weird year), I’m moving there, or we’re moving to Charleston or Asheville or some never-heard-of-it-town and we’ll drink lots and lots of coffee (so much so, we should probably look into growing our own beans) and make lots and lots of books and begin the Little Spoon adventure. For realz.

To Casey, from her friend Doug, forwarded to me, for obvious reasons:

but then, this morning as i wondered what i’d email you about…..i checked your tumblr and found the link…that was placed at the end almost as a post script….and realized you’ve been holding out on me.  you do have news…you do have adventures under way…and you’ve neglected to let your carolinian friends know.

everyone thinks they come up with the cutest names for their stuff.  i’m sure you know lots of folks who have devised cute names for things they’ll never actually do.  businesses they’ll never have the guts to open, books they’ll never write, kids they’ll never have.  i’m sure you also know that 90% of those names are terrible.  but…..”little spoon”?  little spoon is awesome.
i’m critical by nature…..and i love this name.  it has history, it’s personal, it’s easy to say…….it’s very well done.
and, am i correct when i assume that this business venture is a huge step?  refer back to those people who never have the guts to step out and do what they’ve always wanted.  this makes you….NOT one of those people.  i find this very interesting.  i could be impressed.  of course, i would not let on if i were….i’m just saying…something like this could be impressive under the right circumstances.

From Bobbi:
The email from Doug was among the most wondrous and awe-inspiring things I’ve read in some time. I thank you tremendously for sending it, and am left with even more confidence in our business endeavor than ever before.
Books, books books.
I’m spending the last full week of class teaching my students to make books with cereal boxes or cardstock (their choice) for covers. they are super stoked! i’m spending one day teaching the history of the book. and then i’ve created a slide show of italy pictures because they are all so very curious about the entire experience, so as we’re binding, i’m projecting a slide show!

Here’s hoping this post was as mushy and sentimental as possible.
Happy Sunday, dearest friends.
P.S. Love ya, Doug!

One Response to “Cross-country Business (Ad)venture.”

  1. Latina July 11, 2010 at 11:38 pm #

    I loved it! It makes me miss my high school bestie 2! 😦 We are thousands of miles away and just have drifted… I am now inspired 2 be a good friend and call! Thanks!

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