stack o’ leather.

2 Mar

I typed this May 28th, 2009

Nearly a year ago. I typed it, saved it as a draft, and never came back. I’m posting it here only to say that I’ve come a long way since that time of apprehension, but there is still a moment of hesitation every time I punch through that beautiful, Italian reminder of a time when nothing mattered but books, friends, cappuccinos and hillsides. Enjoy.


During our last little bit of Italian time, we did something a little crazy.

We bought a cow skin. An entire cow skin.

We split it into nice book sizes, and sold some to our friends, but each ended up with pretty nice stacks of our own.

I’ve just now worked up the nerve to punch some holes. Something about poking through leather in a cozy studio atop a hill overlooking the Val de Chiana makes a girl disregard any fear of error.

My makeshift in-house studio overlooking my betta fish makes me a bit apprehensive.

I did it anyway.



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