summer’s here!

11 Jun

Summer has arrived, and with it…

entire days devoted to paper and leather and needle and thread and book!

book organized neatly

out-of-date road map, graph paper, old crumpled brown bag, old dictionary

choosing the perfect button- the worst part!

called auntie to have her “channel” the perfect button.

closed my eyes

reached into the pile…

and grabbed this little beauty.

no thanks!

happy summer!


Sunday Afternoon Desktop

14 Mar

Here’s a picture of my Sunday afternoon desktop.

Card for my sister.
Tags for wedding jam.
All the makings of fine craftwork.

More soon.

Cards and a Cozy Room.

22 Jan

I make cards all the time. I imagine when an online store is launched, I’ll sell cards, but for now I just make them and mail them to friends and family.


The inside will say:

cousteau knows

I know, I know. I promised a studio tour, so what am I doing goofing around with calligraphy pens?

I’m a multi-tasker. Or something.

Here are a few pictures of my little room.

It’s cozy and wonderful; now all it needs is a nipping press (perhaps a hammock).

In other news,

It’s Mel Chao’s birthday!

Stop by her amazing website and wish her a happy birthday!

Pick up something beautiful while you’re there.


Love you, Mel Cheezy!




stay tuned: studio tour!

9 Jan

I adore studio tours. I am always thrilled to see someone else’s creative space. In honor of that, I’ve been photographing my little studio room this morning in hopes that you might delight in seeing my messy but wonderful space. I’ll be sure to post it early in the week, so stay tuned!

Also, as I’m sure you already know: January 9 begins National Letter Writing Week! So, by all means, put pen to paper and send someone a letter! We are quite the letter-writing pair, already, but are always looking for a reason to send more and more and more. If not National Letter Writing Week, then when?


Happy writing!



I stay up late.

21 Dec

Lunar eclipses sure have a way of throwing a person off a sleepin’ schedule.

It’s 1 a.m. here*.

I’m tearing down sections, making these christmas things (for the millionth time) and eating cookies.

Sounds about right, actually, moon or no moon.

It’s just easier to blame space activity for my tendency to stay up late.

* “Here” = Georgia/Eastern Standard Time (I live in Florida/Central Time Zone so this is worth noting. Home for the holidays.)

Also, my precious desktop background can be found here.


Soon the bells will start…

20 Dec

…and the thing that will make them ring

is the carol that you sing

right within your heart.

I just love this time of year.

Worked on books all day.

I’ll post “real” photographs soon, but for now, here’s a little guy ready to go:

Merry Christmas!


Postal Love.

11 Dec

One-of-a-kind Christmas cards
coming to a mailbox near you!

Hope yours are signed, sealed, delivered,

and you’re having a very merry holiday season!

with Christmas cheer,




I just love November!

22 Nov









I’ve been making tons of the quote books! I love ’em.

Quotes + Books = Perfect Match

1 Nov

I love quotes.

Ok, not in a silly “Be the change…” (well, that one’s not bad…) sort of way, but I love to read, and I underline and write in the margins and I have a million slips of paper, word documents and brain cells that exist just to store strings of words that have in some way… changed me.

I decided this weekend I’d include some quotes in a few books and see how I like ’em.

Aren’t they precious?

Later, I was sewing old (beloved!) anchor buttons onto a sweet little leather journal when I thought, a sea journal needs a sea quote. Thus,

Something about typewriter tags, I tell ya.

So much more lovable.

Can you believe tomorrow is the first of November?

I can’t.

We’ll be surrounded by turkey and mistletoe before we know it!

Can’t wait!

What’s more, the great month of November gave you Casey and moi!

Thanks, November. We love you, too.


delicious autumn!

29 Oct

It’s been too long.

How are you?

Dropped off new books at Sundog today.

I’ve got another stack over on my desk just waiting for their final touches.

Picking out buttons, typing little tags, sprinkling with magic dust- the usual.

I snapped a few quick photos this afternoon.


My little heart ached to give that one up.

Don’t you just adore that sweet little corduroy button?

More soon! I promise.

Go enjoy the season.

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”

George Eliot, in a letter- October 1 1841


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